Flagging an invoice as paid on creation

I’d really like to be able flag an invoice as paid as it’s being created rather than as a separate step. Most of my clients pay cash at the time and it’s a pain to enter the invoice then the payment each time. Something like the facility for purchases would be fantastic.

Setting default payment methods and accounts on a per-client basis would be really helpful, too.

Have you considered using the multi-invoice tool? This will allow you to enter mutliple invoices on one screen and mark them as paid. You can enter just one at a time, if you don’t need detailed itemisation this may be quicker option for you.

That looks great for the odd time I’d enter a few at a time, but mostly it’s one-by-one with a bit more detail.

I will certainly leave this open for others to add their vote and comment. If it’s something that becomes more popular we can look at enabling inline payment.