Flat rate turnover inc VAT

I am trying to submit my first VAT using QuickFile. We are on a flat VAT scheme and my question is:

What is entered in box 6: Flat rate turnover inc VAT


Yes thats right , box 6: Flat rate turnover inc VAT

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Thanks but what figure is actually entered in to this box?

system will pick up , you dont need to enter as such

Thank you. So after I have entered all the other figures do I just leave this field as £0 and press submit return?

You shouldn’t be “entering” the figures yourself, QuickFile will calculate all the right figures for you from the sales and purchase invoices you have entered into your account.

I have uploaded my sales invoices and I do not have any purchase invoices. When I select to ‘create new VAT return’ the boxes are all showing zero. Should QuickFile use the figures from my uploaded sales invoices to calculate and populate the amount of VAT payable?

Yes, it should. It will take the values from either the invoices raised (if you’re on accrual accounting) or the payments received (if you’re on cash accounting) as the basis for the figures.

QuickFile includes any invoice/payment that is

  • dated on or after the “vat start date” in your QuickFile settings
  • dated on or before the last day of the period you’re trying to file, and
  • not already included in a previous return recorded on QuickFile

so the two obvious things to check first are that you have the correct VAT start date configured (it should be the beginning of the relevant period, not the end), and if you’re on cash accounting then that your invoices have been marked as paid and the payment date (not necessarily the invoice date) is in the right range.

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