Flat Rate VAT return - incorrect percentage showing on report?

Hi, I have submitted my first flat rate VAT return. I am using a flat rate value of 13.5% as it’s my first year of trading so get to use a rate 1% less than the standard 14.5%.
All calculations seemed OK so I sent the return to HMRC and got a successful confirmation back.
But on the top of the report it says:

SUBMITTED: 04/09/2013
Cash Accounting (Flat Rate @ 14.00%)

Is this just a rounding / display error on the report, and doesn’t affect the calculations in any way?

I printed off the report for my records, but am concerned if it is wrong. Is this a bug?


Yep the figures all got calculated at the 13.5% rate. This can be seen on the backing report. Unfortunately it seems the preview screen wants to round the VAT rate up to 14%, this has no bearing on any of the figures. Nonetheless this is a bug and I will ask an engineer to look at putting in a fix ASAP. Thanks for letting us know.