Flat rate VAT seems to include unpaid invoices?

Ive used QF successfully for my last two flat rate submissions, but this quarter it seems to want to include an invoice flagged as sent but not paid, despite being on ‘cash accounting’ - it seems to have included a ‘pre paid’ entry for this invoice. This didn’t happen previously - can i switch it off? Is it a bug/mistake?

If there’s a pre paid entry. Then somewhere there is a pre payment listed. Try tracking it down first.

Hi @hardten

If you download the calculations (depending on your version, you’ll either see a “Download Calculations” button, or an “Export” button). This will give you a breakdown of all the entries that make up the figures in your VAT return.

If you don’t have any luck however, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Actually - Ive found the rogue entry (an unattached rogue payment listed in error). Thanks for your help. Issue is solved now.

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thanks Paul… i see what you mean, I did that and found a rogue payment unattached to an invoice. Thanks so much, mission accomplished! :slight_smile:

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