Flat rate VAT setup & Cash accounting

I am setting up the VAT setting for a client, who is on Flat rate scheme. Their start date is 3rd Feb 2014 and their first VAT quarter ends on 30th April 2014.

Under the VAT settings , when i tick the box for flat rate scheme, i am then unable to select ‘accrual accounting’ - why is that?

The VAT filing start date is 03/02/2014 and the VAT period is commencing Feb, May, Aug & Nov

Thanks in advance for your help

Hi @Sameera, we have reinstated the options which will appear later today, please try again in a few hours.

Just to add some context, accrual based FRV was there before but we revoked it due to the lack of guidance available by HMRC at the time. We’ll be bringing this option back later today.

okay i see, thanks both of you

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