Forum bug


I’m very frustrated right now, but I’ll try and keep this as emotion free as possible.

After creating a new topic and typing out a message, if you enter an emoji with the keyboard, e.g :slight_smile: the emoji picker automatically appears. If you then click on the emoji that you want, the page then loads and you lose everything you have written. Clicking on the back button does not return you to what you have just spent 10 minutes trying to explain as clearly and concisely as possible…

Bug with the forum software?

Thank you

Hi @sramdeen

The forum is actually a package called Discourse, and not developed by us, but we will certainly try to help identify the issue and report back to Discourse.

I’m not able to replicate the issue. At the same time, a draft should be saved periodically too.

Would you be able to upload a short clip or a few screenshots showing the steps you’re taking to replicate this, please?


Sure thing, please see here

I’m using Chrome 78 BTW.

Thank you

Hi sramdeen,
It is working fine on my side. I know it doesn’t help you much, I just want to say it is working perfectly on my device. Could be one key on your keyboard or mouse be jammed? Just an idea

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