Fresh start and lost all clients and suppliers

I cleared all the data from my Quickfile account so I could start fresh for the new financial year.
I left the boxes ticked for customers and suppliers.
When it was done I still had my bank accounts so I reset the opening balances etc.
Now when I log in I have nothing at all!.
Can you help please

Hi @datadave

It wouldn’t delete any of the clients or suppliers if the boxes were left unticked (although I will test this now and report back).

Did you have back ups enabled on your account before you deleted it?

I’ve just run a back with the following boxes checked:

When I log back in once the account has unlocked, all my clients and suppliers are still there:

I did a back up but getting confused because I change the business name to the new one and it seems to be getting muddled up with a client one I dis a while ago for test purposes

I think I may be logging in to the wrong account…hopefullty


Thanks for the reply. I had been logging to the wrong account :frowning:
Sorted now

No problem. Glad you got it sorted :slight_smile: