GBP totals of foreign currency purchases

Hi all,
I like the running total that is given when selecting purchases with a tick box. I have purchases in foreign currencies and I need to calculate the GBP totals for these. What’s the best way to do that please?
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Hello @madbilly

In the purchases screen you can apply a search for the currency.

If you then export the data there is an amount in GBP column (which you can then total if required).

To quickly view GBP amounts on screen you can also view nominal postings by selecting the invoices you wish to view, then going to More Options > Show nominal entries

Hi @QFSteve,

Thank for you helpful reply. In the end this is not the method I’ve used, because following your answer to the other question I had I have used the CSV files from the backup which have columns marked GBP, therefore I assume that even USD and EUR costs are converted and recorded in GBP in those files.

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