General advice for newbie

I have been using QF for a few years…but have not used properly. I use mainly for invoicing, so haven’t added bank transactions or purchases etc. etc. I am now thinking on making better use of QF. So am looking for advice on how to proceed from here (my accounting year is Oct to Sep next accounst due for Oct 2012 to Sep 2013). Do I start from scratch (but this means re-entering all my clients etc which would be a real pain)? or can I in some way put a line under a certain point (make a clean break if you know what I mean!) e.g. pre Oct 2012 and restart from there (can I reset my opening bank balance for instance and what other steps can you advise on). Anyone done something similar. Thanks

You can start from opening balances of Oct 2013 and enter transaction from there to date

Thanks, however just tried that and get this message

The opening balance could not be saved as there are transactions occuring before the opening balance date you supplied

You need to do year end at 30/09/2013 then based on opening balances you get from current QF data set you need to adjust actual opening balances as per account to bring QF in-line with opening balance sheet

Thanks again… I ran a year end (to 30th Sep 2012) so I can start fresh for Oct 2012 to Sep 2013 (my next due accounts) but I still get the opening balance message.

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