General Newby Help

Good evening.
I have several questions as I have just started using quickfile and have purchased the additional £45 facilities.
1.I have operated for over 3 years and at the end of year 2 changed from Flat Rate VAT to standard VAT. How is this managed.
2. I would really like to change the design of my invoices on the system. I have attempted to make the changes myself but would be grateful if you could point me in the direction of someone that could undertake this task for me if I send them a PDF Template which I would design in Excel
3. Although my intention is to commence with this software for the period commencing 1st November 2014 I would also like to get into the system the history of all my sales and my Sub Consultants Invoices. Mainly for reporting etc. Is this possible and how would that work with the opening balances etc and statement downloads.
4. Is there any facility for Sub Consultants to raise their invoices to a portal other than them using the quickfile system.

Your help is appreciated

I’ll try to address some of your questions here…

  1. Typically you would update the VAT accounting type in the VAT Settings area (Under reports) and when you file the next return it will apply the new accounting method. Changing VAT accounting method may often require manual adjustments, particularly if you’re going from Cash to Accrual or vice versa. I would recommend always checking the backing report for the return before filing. Following the initial return on the new method it should be much simpler going forward.

  2. This is not something we can help you with directly but any developer with a grasp of CSS should be able to assist there. There are also a bunch of pre-designed styles in the invoice gallery that may get you closer to what you want.

  3. I would suggest against doing this, importing all historical invoices will create a major headache balancing your accounts. It’s much better just to import the trial balance (available from your existing software) at a given date and import that. Any new invoices would be created from that date.

  4. I’m not sure what sort of system you’d be looking for here. Many QF users take the invoices from their suppliers and email them to the Receipt Hub or import them via our Dropbox Integration.