General purchase - how do I account for VAT?

Im new to this, and english is not my main language, so I am a bit confused here and i do apologise if my question is stupid.
I am adding general purchases, when i add fabric i by. However it does not allow me to add the vat that is paid. How do I add that?
So, from one of the supplier i have paid £43.95 and £7.33 of those was for vat, however when i add this purchase i can not type in the vat? Im not sure if that matters in the end or not but i wonder if and how it is possible to add those type of information?

If you are vat registered. You need to turn vat settings on.

If you are not, then you add the cost including vat, and you do not seperate it from the total.

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Thank you I understand. I am not registered for vat.

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