General transaction/invoice/bank transaction limits?


Do you have any limits on the amount of invoices that can be imported into QF overall, I’ve seen the 500 limit at a time previously. Does your API allow multiple invoices per post or do I have to do an invoice per post?


If you’re using the API there is a daily call limit of 1,000. Each invoice would need to be posted separately using the Invoice_Create method.

1000 will be fine to start off with but we’re looking to grow big over the years to come which will potentially mean on average 150,000 API calls a day, also does it have functionality to import multi-currency sales/purchase invoices? Thanks

Currently there is no API support for multi-currency invoicing, this is something we are looking to develop but unfortunately I don’t have a timeframe for these features right now.

The API limits can be moved on our side but we do have a fair use policy, so there may be costs involved for heavy usage.

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