Getting a list of all invoices paid to a supplier

I have a supplier who i get monthly invoices from (generally for the same amount).
I am trying to sort out some confusion about one invoice that may be outstanding.
I have received a standard statement from the supplier with all their invoice numbers on and my payments and am trying to identify where the issue is against my accounts.

When I look at the supplier details in my QF I can see, at the bottom of the page all the events and my payments to that supplier - however all events are labelled using #QF00nnnn numbers.
If I click on these I can see the ‘supplier ref’ field that I have filled in as I attached the invoices (and can check my attached pdf invoice).
From view-all payments I can also see all my payments, showing as #QF numbers.

Is there a way for me to make QF actually display some more useful info - such as the supplier ref - in the supplier events/payments list alongside the #QF code - or is there a report somewhere that I am missing that will do this?

At the moment I am faced with having to do this check and cross referencing manually which seems to partly defeat the point of using accounting software.

Hello @Tom_Woods

We’ve considered adding the supplier reference to the payment report previously, but although in most cases you’re likely to have 1 payment per invoice, there are users with considerably more invoices per payment (think 1 payment per month covering 10-20 invoices). This makes it a little bit messy.

What details do you know about the invoice you’re having issues with? For example, do you know their reference, the date, when you paid it?

It may be easier to work from the other end - find the invoice they’re querying (from the supplier dashboard, view all purchases, then use the “modify columns” button hiding away at the top to add a column for the supplier reference), and if it is considered “paid” in QuickFile then you can click through to the associated payment and see when you think you paid them.

I have that supplier reference column turned on permanently as I find it generally much more useful than the QFxxxx number.

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Hi Matthew,
I would have expected that most of the time anybody looking through the supplier payment reports would have been doing so to refer back to a particular supplier reference invoice. The #QF code isnt much use for me here.

My situation is that I currently have a reminder from the supplier saying that I am overdue on an invoice and giving me their reference for it.
I know that I have paid this invoice.
However, I have multiple invoices from them - all for the same amount. Often paid in bulk payments of 2 or 3 at a time.
I need to work out if this is an error on their behalf, or if (more likely…) I am actually overdue on one of their other older invoices and they have just allocated my payments differently.
I likely either have one of their invoices missing from my records or have paid one twice. I need to check all the references to work this out and ensure that I actually have all their invoices filed properly.

Thanks Ian!
That “modify columns” button really is well hidden!. It took me a while to find it even reading your instructions!
This now gives me more of the information I want…though it would be nice to be able to add a ‘paid on’ column too.

QuickFile - please can you turn this column on by default! its not like it takes up much space! . Can you let me add the ‘paid’ information to this display?

I think once you’ve turned it on once it should stick in future.

It’s not necessarily as simple as a single “paid” date as one payment can be applied to many invoices and/or many part-payments can go towards one invoice. I guess it might be possible for the QuickFile devs (I’m not one of them!) to add a date in cases where it’s one payment for the whole invoice, and the “view all payments for this invoice” link when it isn’t, it’s a question of how many more database lookups that would entail for each page view and whether it’d slow things down too much.

In this case, from the purchase invoice screen, I would perform an advanced search for this reference. This would pick out that particular invoice for you.

We can certainly consider this, but we try not to crowd the screen too much.

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