Getting paid directly

I have integrated payment options for direct debit, PayPal and card payments which my customers can access by clicking the tab above their e-mailed invoice.,

However, there does not seem to be an option for straightforward payments without a third party where a customer simply wants to transfer money from their account to mine.

Can anyone help?

Hi @RobHarkavy

The usual procedure would be to include payment details in the footer of your invoice (e.g. in the “Payment Terms” box).

However, we’re always open to suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:

Text on the invoice footer works for us. I use the text shown below, I have anonimised our bank details.

Please click on the “pay online” button to pay by card or direct from your bank account.
If you prefer to use your own banking app details are:
XXX sort code 00-00-00 a/c 00000000
Cheques must be payable to Folk London and sent to:

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