Go Cardless DDs seem to be duplicated

I raised a load of invoices on the 1st May, and requested the amounts by Direct Debit. I know that these manual invoices don’t allocate the invoice, and the amount collected sits on the account as a credit. I have just gone through all my emails telling me the amounts that have been paid and they have all been duplicated. There is also double the amount sitting on the accounts. I have checked the bank and it seems that the correct amount has hit the bank. Can you have a look in to this for me please?
Many thanks,

Do you have a specific invoice number on your account that you believe has been duplicated?

Hi Glenn,
Invoice numbers 641, 643, 644, 645, 646, 648, 649, 653 and 658 are the ones which are showing a duplicated DD.


I think what happened here is GoCardless sent two duplicate notifications confirming that the DDs were collected successfully, this triggered our system to lodge them twice. I’m investigating this with GoCardless.

I’ve removed those duplicates and I’ll leave you to allocate them to their respective invoices.

Thank you. I got duplicate emails for all the recurring invoices too, but only one payment has been registered it seems.

Just to add, I’ve had this issue in the past, but have always just manually resolved it. Will be interesting to see what GoCardless say.

OK what they’ve said is that their system did send two identical confirmations to us on that particular date. The reason apparently was because the first one timed out.

What we’ve done now (due to go live today) is added another condition in the code so that if a bill confirmation that has already been processed (identified by a specific status) will never be processed again. I think that will eliminate all such problems in the future.

Great, thanks Glenn! :smiley: