Gocardless (Auto Bill) setup after the invoice has been sent

Hi, I setup gocardless on a client and then I checked today if they had been billed. I then realised they wasn’t going to be billed automatically unless I had the Auto Bill option checked.

I’ve since checked this, however the invoice had aleady been sent. Do I need to manually charge this one invoice or will it be took automatically now the ‘auto bill’ option is on?

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If the invoice has already been sent, then it will not be collected by Direct Debit, you can make a manual DD collection request by going to the client area and clicking on ‘Direct Debit Found’:

On the pop up DD control menu, select ‘Collect Funds’ and enter the details:

When the payment has been collected, allocate the payment from the GoCardless holding account to the invoice.

I thought as much, thanks for confirming Joe