GoCardless Bills Export

Would it be possible to integrate an GoCardless Bill Import. The csv headers are:
Bill ID Created Customer ID Customer first name Customer last name Customer company name Customer custom reference Customer email Bill name Bill description Gross GoCardless Fees Partner Fees Net Currency Status Paid out on Payout reference

It would be very useful in reconciling gocardless accounts back to the customer.
Thank you

You mention export in the title but import in the body, do you need to extract data or bring data into Quick File?

Apologises rather badly explained…
GoCardless provide a 3 exports:

  1. Customer export
  2. Bills export
  3. Payout export

All 3 are useful but in particular is the Bills giving a breakdown of payments from clients.
As the majority of payments are by GoCardless via a 3rd party it would be useful to drill them back to the client for reconciliation.

You could in theory request a CSV export of your bills from GoCardless and import this into the merchant account in Quick File (sort of like a bank statement). You can then tag all these to existing invoices or dynamically build invoices from the bank statement.

I’ve never looked at the export format of GoCardless bills, I’ve just requested on new to be emailed to me. As long as there are columns for description, date and amount this can be treated like a bank statement and imported into Quick File.