GoCardless - cancel a payment


I sent an invoice to a customer and didn’t realise it had a GoCardless link for payment.

I received an email confirming that the customers account would be debited 7 days after date of payment.

I haven’t got a Go Cardless account, how will I receive the payment.


Your QuickFile account is linked to a GoCardless account, otherwise the link would have never appeared on the invoice. You may want to call GoCardless to discuss this, the account ID is on the Account Settings >> Payment Options screen.


I really don’t want to use go cardless, can I cancel the account and the payment made by the customer.



If you log into your GoCardless account at https://gocardless.com you will be able to cancel the payment request (Under the payments tab).

To disable GoCardless on your QuickFile account you will need to go to Account Settings >> Manage payment options and deactivate there.

Hi Glenn

Thanks for your help.


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