GoCardless CSV - Again


I have tried to do a time stamp removal from a GoCardless export of data and then up load the .csv but get an error. When I remove the time stamp manually I get the same error.

Any advice welcomed…

What do you mean by “time stamp removal”? Are you editing the CSV file in Excel?

When I download the .csv form GoCarldess I get the following:

GoCardless does not see this as a date and there I need to remove the time from each entry.

To do this I have been doing a find and replace with the command:space* Replace with: Space this then removes the time from the column but then I get this Quickfile error:

I have tried not removing the date this way and done it manually but still get the same error…

any help would be appreciated,


If you edit the CSV you need to make sure it is being saved in UTF-8 encoding. I can’t really say what the precise issue is here but I would expect that it’s some kind of encoding problem.

Let me send you a PM to get some more info.