Gocardless customer click to pay button on Internet Explorer 8

For some months I have been trying to get customers to respond to my offer of paying by gocardless as they wanted to do this. However after months of them trying and claiming it didn’t work i visited one to find out the problem.

First one used MS Explorer ( 8 i think)

They click on the invoices, select them all, then click the payonline button

This takes them to a button (green bar) to pay by gocardless

The bar is clickable as the cursor changes to a pointer but nothing happens when its clicked

I have add the pages into trusted sites and still no luck

What could be causing the problem ?

I am having low success with gocardless as every time the client says they cant get it to work

This is the first time I’ve heard any issues with regards to GoCardless. I’ve just tried myself on Chrome, IE, Firefox and not had any problem. IE 8 however is a very dated browser now, we only officially support from IE 9 +. I would urge your client to upgrade not only will this fix the problem they’re having on Quick File but also many other modern web applications.

ok will tell them, thanks Glenn

I there any way you can add a notice to clients page for warn them to use IE9 or greater please. I am sure this will help.

I will recommend this to our developers.

We made an update today on the payment screen as we realised it would have caused some incompatibilities with older browsers and we found a relatively simple way to address this. I think this will have solved the issue you report here!