Gocardless feed not working as it should (i think)


i have linked gocardless
i have used gocardless for a long time but im new to quickfile

i linked gocardless to quickfile
i brought two existing mandate to test.
ive invoiced a client throught quickfile and gocardless and it worked as expected.

my gocardless account in the bank accounts section does not show my actual gocardless feed?

the transactions that appear in gocardless do not appear in the feed.
the payouts do not appear.
the fees do not appear.

this does not show as expected, or look like my stripe feed.

how should this show?
how do you tag them and link them to invoices and transfers to the bank and how do you deal with the fees?

Hi @adnw

There isn’t a GoCardless feed as such, more of allowing GoCardless as a payment method in QuickFile. Any transactions that tag place linked to QuickFile, including payments and their related deposits, should automatically import.

If a collection takes place outside of QuickFile (e.g. through another platform, or through GoCardless directly), then this wouldn’t show in QuickFile.

You would treat this in the same way as any other merchant account. There’s more information on this, here: Handling payments from merchant accounts

ok thanks.

whats the best way to do this then?
download a statement from gocardless, upload it, then tag payments?

then create transfer between accounts tag from the money in showing in current account from gocardless?

That sounds correct to me.

Could any of the payments be taken through QuickFile? If they could be automated, it would help speed up the process for you.

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