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GoCardless Mandate not accepted


Hi, i have seen a few people are having this issue, but I am trying to set up a client’s quickfile and pull her mandates from Gocardless into quickfile, every time I do it tells me that the Mandate is invalid yet we have copied and pasted directly from GoCardless and checked we are using the correct one.

any help appreciated


Hi @RedRiteUK

What format is the mandate reference? Does it start with MD?


Yes it does here is one of them we are trying to import - MD000C12ATK*** (*** stars used to hide full mandate number)


Certainly sounds a bit strange! If the mandate is active or pending, and starts with MD, it should connect all OK (assuming the account it’s shown for on GoCardless is the same as the one connected to the QuickFile account).

Let me send you a private message and get a few more details. Please look for the green notification in the top right corner.


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