GoCardless Merchant Account Update

I have a customer who has used GoCardless to pay their invoice, as this is my first payment through this method I haven’t come across this before. I thought it would operate like PayPal whereby it would automatically update and log the payment against the invoice but it doesn’t seem to have done. I need to do this manually do I?

It’s not quite the same as PayPal. PayPal transactions are instantly authorised, GoCardless works on top of the Direct Debit system so payments can take 7 days to clear, it’s up to you if you fulfill shipping or complete the service during this time.

GoCardless remotely updates Quick File so that when the payment has been 100% authorised the payment will be automatically logged to the invoice.

There’s a full guide on GoCardless and Direct Debits here.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Glenn. The info on GoCardless says the payment was made by card through them. Also because the GoCardless account on QF and the customer invoice weren’t updated and I had no notification of payment from GoCardless I was chasing the payment after they had paid :confused:

GoCardless usually send an email when a payment has been initiated. On Quick File it shows in the invoice event log.

Never thought to check there! Will try and remember to do that in future. I guess I’d better check with GoCardless why I didn’t get an email. Thank you.

It’s worth checking with them to make sure they have your correct email. Also I don’t know 100% if they send you an email at the point the funds are request, I know they send an email when they’re paid into your account. Perhaps there’s an option in GoCardless so that you can be notified when a DD request has been made. If not we can consider adding some notification on our side.

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