Gocardless payment not credited

One of our clients decided to set-up a one off payment of 2 invoices by GoCardless earlier this month. No pre-authorisation was not set-up. Money was transferred on 19th May. It appears that no money was transferred to the clients account although QF had reported a bill ID. Is there any solution to this anomaly?
NB: I have marked the invoices as paid.

I’d happily look into this for you. If you would kindly provide me with the bill ID I will take a look for you.

The Bill ID are:
Paid out [--------------] 15 May 2015 19 May 2015 £64.50

When these funds were requested did you use the method of multi-selecting the invoices from the main invoice list and requesting a DD from there? Or did you request a generic amount from the client screen?

With the latter it won’t link to any specific invoices but will deposit the funds to the client credit.


We’ve looked at this further. The payment was initiated by your client from their portal. With multiple invoice payments made via GoCardless we have always just logged the payment to the client account. Only single invoice payments get allocated automatically, that’s the way it has always been.

With that said, with the recent development allowing multiple invoices to be collected from the admin side, we can now fully support multiple invoice collections on the client side too. I.e. so that a single payment initiated by the client gets logged to the respective invoices rather than just getting assigned to client credit.

Apologies if the above is a bit confusing, the bottom line is that we can support this and will be implementing an update in the next few days to handle this automatically.

Thanks I knew that you would be able to solve it