GoCardless Payment not turning off Overdue

It appears that a GoCardless payment has been paid out on Jan 8th has has not registered with the Client records.
Direct Debit status updated to PAID [GoCardless ID: ???]. Payment will be automatically lodged when GoCardless transfer the funds.
Only noticed this as client was overdue and Holding account not balancing. Payment has been lodged.
Can you please investigate?

Have you actually received the money from GoCardless? Have they transferred to your bank account?

The payment for 8th Jan 2015 have not been registered as paid on QF and the transaction has been recorded on the bank account.
Incidentally the transactions for 9th Jan and 12th Jan have worked. The Quick File bot event did not run on the transactions for 8th Jan

I’m not seeing anything peculiar on your account. Are you are aware that we don’t log the payment when the following event is logged “Direct Debit status updated to PAID”. This just means that GoCardless have authorised the payment but not released it.

When GoCardless send us the WITHDRAWN status, this means they have sent you the funds and only then do we log the payment on the bank. It can be 3-4 days fallowing the PAID status, especially if it’s over a weekend.

Payment for invoice #000937, #000939, #000940, #000941 are all set at “Payment for this invoice has been made by Direct Debit” but are in the “SENT” status.

OK these were marked as PAID by GoCardless on the 6th, they should have followed this up with a WITHDRAWN status 2 days later, this would have triggered the payment to be lodged.

I’d need to defer to GoCardless to see what happened to this notification? Leave this with me and I shall return to you on Monday.

UPDATE: GoCardless did have some intermittent issue with their WebHooks on the 8th. For that reason a small number of payments may not have updated, I have checked with GC and this does appear to be the case for those invoices listed. I would recommend therefore to manually mark those as paid and log the payment to your GC merchant account.

Thanks - All payments for that day have been updated.

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