Gocardless plan signup


I have a client who signed up on gocardless plan (oneoff payment), how do i link their account / plan payment with quickfile account?

When you say “link their account” do you mean so you can automatically collect DirectDebits in the future from that client?

no, this particular instance. they have setup a DD instruction

How did they setup this instruction, did you issue it from within GC? Is this a pre-authorisation?

they were sent a link to the plan in GC, and have setup a plan (one off payment), i have raised an invoice and was wondering if the payment could link directly.

i think so???

if its done through GC. and i have rasied an invoice after. would that count as pre-authorisation?

No it doesn’t sound like a pre-auth, as you did everything from within GC, nothing will get updated on QF.

Have a read of the guide here which explains what pre-auths are and how you can setup subscriptions and one-off payments.

Setting up Direct Debits for your Clients


Thank you. i have had a read, any this case doesn’t fall in pre-authorisation.

Will you be in the future, be able to link a plan to a recurring template too?

meaning, we could link just a GC plan one off/ recurring to a particular invoice.
and we could also link the customer account ( like we are doing now ‘pre-authorisation’)
and hopefully, when a new account is created in GC it automates this process in QF too

I may be asking to much. but, you guys can do wonders

Thank you for the support

If you have a pre-authorisation setup on GoCardless (doesn’t work for subscriptions) you should be able to get a pre-auth ID, you can then enter this on QuickFile as follows.

Previously GC didn’t allow you to move agreements setup on one system to another, but they may have relaxed this now?

great short video

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