GoCardless pre-authorisation

I am having problems getting existing recurring invoices set up to use my existing GoCardless account.
Ideally I’d like to be able to click “Auto-bill” as your guide suggests, but the option doesn’t appear to be there, nor can I find your “handy tool”, so I’m a bit lost.
I have already linked my GoCardless account.
Also, when I send requests out to clients, I don’t seem to be able to see the requests at the GoCardless end either.
Perhaps someone can help or explain the exact steps I need to take to enable recurring invoices to auto-collect payment.

If you have already moved the existing pre-authorisation into Quick File, you now need to create a recurring invoice, go to the pre-authorised client’s area and click ‘Create New >> Recurring Invoice’:

You will now see on the recurring invoice that the ‘Auto Bill with Direct Debit’ box is checked:

Now simply enter all the details and create your recurring invoice, the amount on the invoice will now be collected by Direct Debit, on or around the invoice issue date.

You need to have a pre-authorisation agreed with your client before this option will appear. Check out this link:

Setting up a new pre-authorisation with GoCardless

Glenn, I’m very impressed with the support, thanks so much. I was looking in the individual invoices rather than the client record, where I found the Direct Debit button - which of course leads to the form for entering the code. Thanks!

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