GoCardless price increase Feb 2020


Not sure whether others have noticed or not yet, the Go-Cardless system has increased the prices, whilst the notification of the increases did not seem to be that much, in reality, this is almost 45% price increase.

Is there any other service that integrates with QF available??


Hi @daveh001

GoCardless integrates with Stripe, WorldPay, and others for online payments, but GoCardless is the only one that we support recurring automated payments with unfortunately.

Just to clarify however - isn’t it just the cap that’s increased with GoCardless (£4 rather than £2)?

The price increase for example collecting £833.00 before the price increase cost £8.34, a very close similar if £11.00 now.

I’ve just looked and there are a number of other companies providing DD services the same as Go-Cardless and I do think that QF should consider more options for DD collections as there is a number of options for card payments already?

I think also they have removed the cap of max £2.00 not sure if that is now £4.00 and no percentage?

Have you had this confirmed by GoCardless (e.g. with a real transaction)?

The email we received sits inline with their pricing page - 1% + £0.20 for UK transactions, capped at £4 rather than £2. So that £833.00 shouldn’t cost more than £4.00.

For reference: https://gocardless.com/pricing

We’re happy to consider other options - you may wish to create a #feature request for these and we’ll let you know there if there are any updates.

I collect multiple smaller payments to make that figure up, hence the charge…

Hi Mathew,

I’ve just contacted a couple of DD providers and they all seem to have different but similar pricing structures, for our purposes others are coming in a lot cheaper than GoCardless and one actually asked was I looking at changing because of the price increase as they are on boarding some major businesses from GC.

It may well be worth QF looking at options as customers like me who really ;like QF and the Integration with the DD collection system would look to tie both the accounts package and the DD system in so that it works as well as QF and GC work now. If that meant changing one or both Systems to do that we would consider that in the long term when I have checked out all the numbers

We’re more than happy to consider other options.

If you could start a #feature request for these (if you are suggesting a few, submit one per topic), and we can certainly consider it as part of future development.

Thanks Mathew, I will do some further research and likely do that.


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It isn’t just the cap. Price has gone from !% minimum 20p to 1% PLUS 20p.

If, like us, you are mostly collecting amounts in the region of £20 that will add up to a hefty increase very quickly…

45-50% increase just in 14 transaction!

I spoke to another provider and they stated they are getting lots of business on boarding from GC, hopefully they’ll realise the loss before they lose lots more business!!

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