GoCardless remove pre-auth limit (Implemented)


We use GoCardless. I’m currently talking to them to get authorisation IDs edited so I can import pre-existing authorisations into QuickFile.

I note that the email which QuickFile sends, requesting a new authorisation, mentions the maximum monthly or yearly amount requested for authorisation, like so:

“To simplify the collection of payments we would like to setup a new Direct Debit with you. We would like to be able to collect up to £500.00 per month. You will of course be notified before each collection. To complete the Direct Debit arrangement, please click the button below to confirm your bank details.”

GoCardless no longer mention the amount in their automated emails (it’s unnecessary, as customers are always notified beforehand of the amount of any new instruction). Would it be possible to amend QuickFile’s template accordingly? I can’t see anywhere to edit this template via the merchant-side GUI.



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When we first integrated with GoCardless it was necessary to specify a pre-agreed limit, this requirement was later withdrawn. It’s been on our list of things to do for a few weeks now, I will try to get this brought forward and implemented this week.

If you need a temporary solution, you could grab the link we generate and drop this into your own email. I’ll update this thread as soon as we have this resolved.

Quick update… The change has been made on our development server and should be moved across to the live server sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Fantastic, thanks Glenn.

This update has been implemented. We no longer request a limit to be set on pre-authorisations. The new email template can be viewed from the link below:

Initiate new Direct Debit Pre-Authorisation email

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