GoCardless - what are the limits?

Hi, I have read about GoCardlless funcionality within QF which says that it allows you to: “Collect up to £5,000 per month.” Those it mean that I can’t collect more than £5,000 per month from my client using this facility?

Hello @Iwona1

By default, yes. This is a GoCardless enforced limit. However, you may wish to contact them as they may be able to increase this.

Their FAQ suggests it can be increased following additional checks:


Thank you. I have followed the link you have send me and it brought me to GoCardless website where I read:
“Are there any limits on the amount I can collect?
There are no limits on how many transactions you can make.
In the UK, the minimum amount for a single transaction is £1 and the maximum amount is £5,000. We may be able to increase this limit with additional verification checks.”
It is said there that a maximum amount for a SINGLE TRANSACTION which can be collected is £5,000, not that a maximum of £5,000 per month can be collected in total. So I really can collect from number of my clients more than £5,000 in total in one month providing it is not a sigle transaction from one client only? Am I understanding it correctly?

I believe it’s £5000 per mandate per month, so in effect you could collect 1 larger payment covering the whole £5000 in one to, or several smaller ones making up the £5000 over a month.

I recommend contacting GoCardless as they would be able to provide more details on this. QuickFile doesn’t impose limits, so providing your GoCardless account allows it, we will process it without any issues.

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