GoCardless - Where is my payment?

I’ve been using quickfile for over a year now and all good so far.
Until 4 days ago, I am told I have received a payment.
I got an email from the client, not from quickfile.
When looking at quickfile, everywhere, it shows as invoice still outstanding, not paied etc,
But at the botom of the invoice, it shows 'a direct debit payment has been logged… With GoCardless’
Why is the invoice still overdu, then?
And most importantly, WHERE IS MY MONEY?

Your money is more than likely still sat in your clients bank account. The invoice will still be overdue as the payment itself hasn’t cleared.

I believe Go Cardless advise that payments can take 10-14 days, and probably longer with the 2 bank holidays coming up.

Your best bet is to log into Go Cardless and check there, or go to:

Select the Direct Debit report:

And check the status column next to the relevant payment:

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GoCardless work on the DirectDebit platform which can take 1 week to clear. If the payment is showing in the event log then your client has initiated the payment, when it clears to your bank account the invoice will be marked as paid automatically. During the interim time it’s up to you if you want to deliver on the order, or you can wait until it clears into your bank account.

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