GoCardlessDirect Debit Mandate Error

Hi there,

I am trying to set up first Direct Debit mandate for recurring monthly invoice (having read the Guide and activating GoCardless Account). An error message pops up - see attached.

I have reached out to GoCardless and they redirected back to QuickFile saying it is integration problem.

Hi @Aleph_Contemporary

It looks like the integration has been deregistered. Is this your only QuickFile account, or do you have more than one?

Only 1 Quickfile login

In my Payments Settings it shows as Active

For whatever reason, GoCardless aren’t accepting the integration for your account. This is usually caused by it being invalidated for one of a few reasons, including:

  • Trying to link the same GoCardless account to multiple QuickFile accounts

  • Revoking access on the GoCardless website

Disconnecting GoCardless and re-authorising it should resolve this issue.