Going from partnership to limited company

I am converting my business from partnership to a limited company.
As far as I understood, I have to open a new quickfile account. But is it possible to import the invoices from the partnership account, so I do not start my invoices number from 0 again? If yes, how do I do that?

Hi @leal

That’s correct - it would be a brand new QuickFile account, complete with new invoices.

The invoices are kept separate as the two businesses are separate legal entities, so you would just leave the partnership as it is, and start fresh with the limited company.

Of course, you can transfer your clients, contacts and suppliers over from the one account to the other. If you would like this done, we can sort this out for you - I would just need the old and new account numbers and I’ll start the process.

Hope that helps

Of course there’s nothing stopping you manually setting the number of the first invoice you issue from the new account to be something other than 000001 - QuickFile will continue its automatic sequential numbering from there.

HMRC don’t require you to start from 1, just to use a continuous sequence of numbers without gaps (or several such sequences, such as one per client, the key is that they can see at a glance if there’s anything missing from the middle of a sequence if you get inspected).

Thanks for clarifying that! :slight_smile:

Hi there!
That would be great if you could sort this out for me.
I will send you a message with the old and new account numbers.