Group VAT

Does QuickFile support Group VAT? I have two companies registered in a VAT group with HMRC and none of the settings under “VAT settings” appear to be relevant.

This is not something we support I’m afraid. You could manually total your VAT returns for multiple subsidiaries, but there’s no way to merge and electronically file a VAT return from multiple accounts.

Hi, Can I please ask whether this is still the case or whether QuickFile started supporting Group VAT?

Hi @paugor

It’s not possible to do this directly within QuickFile, but you could use our bridging module to submit the VAT returns.

For example, if it’s a case of combining the figures from several accounts, you would need to generate the returns there, export them, and then have another spreadsheet which would total the figures for submission.

However, copying and pasting isn’t permitted under Making Tax Digital, so you could need to use some spreadsheet magic to combine them into one document.