Grouping separate purchases to 1 payment


I have opened up a credit account with my suppler, through the month i get equipment from my suppler and i get an invoice from them showing the item and amount,

At the end of the month i need to settle the account, but i just make one payment to cover the 3 or 4 separate purchases and settle my account

On my bank statement it is one payment, but on quickfile it will show 3 or 4 individual payments, is there anyway to group the invoices and to show one payment



The best way to do this is to input it on the bank statement, and tag to multiple invoices.

Input a new transaction as a lump sum

Click ‘Tag Me’ and select ‘Payment to a Supplier’

Click ‘Pay down multiple purchases or assign to a supplier account’.
From here, you can select multiple invoices (once you’ve searched by supplier) and it’ll just be the one payment showing

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