Has the VAT Summary Report been dropped?

Hi - Is the Reports>>VAT Summary report no longer available? I have one from my last MTD VAT Return period and was looking to generate one the same for this next one… I see it is mentioned in another topic, ie,

but it doesn’t show in my Reports list, am I looking in the wrong place I wonder? The report was called ‘VAT Return Summary’ and just showed company name, period, method, summary of boxes 1-9 and Sales for the period. Please advise. Thank you.

Hi @wave,

The report hasn’t disappeared. It can be found the way that Mathew said or if you view the reports list it can be found here:

Hi, I can see the Tax Summary report but can’t find the VAT Summary report I used last time - file name VATRETURN_20190630_e55e765d-b which I’m fairly sure was generated through QF? What I am looking for is a VAT Summary Report that shows just my VAT Return information.

Hi @wave

The two reports available are either the Tax Summary report which is what @QFBeth mentioned above.

The other VAT report is the VAT return itself, where you would generate it but not submit it to HMRC. This will show you the values for each box and allow you to download the calculations from there too. This can be found by going to Reports >> VAT Returns and then clicking either “Download Calculations” at the bottom or “Export” in the top right (depends on what version of the VAT returns you’re using).

Thank you, I found this too but it’s not quite what I was looking for. I was sure the above report came from QF… Never mind, maybe I did a bit of cut and pasting… thank you for clarifying.

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