Have different email and web address for multiple trading styles

We are using different invoice design templates for different trading names but how do we also vary the email address and web site printed on the invoice?

Hi @richiekk

This isn’t possible I’m afraid. I will discuss this with our development team however, and see if this can be added.

I’ve been meaning to ask for this as well. Currently using some creative workarounds!

Thanks, I chose QF over other systems because of the ability to cope with multiple branding and the email/website elements are badly needed here!

I look forward to your feedback on this.

Hi, do you have any feedback on this issue.


Hi @richiekk

No news at the moment I’m afraid. We’ll be sure to update this thread if there are any changes though.

@richiekk @Lurch - I’m pleased to say that this has been added.

These can be edited from the Trading Style settings:

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That’s great. Thank you