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Having trouble importing Direct Debit Mandate from GoCardless


I’ve recently moved to QuickFile, I’ve got a direct debit set up in GoCardless using their system and am trying to transfer over the Direct Debit to QuickFile where I’ve set up the client.

I’m having trouble importing it, I have the Mandate ID but how do I transfer over the DD without having to manually input the transactions every month?


Hi @Yahya

We are aware of an issue preventing this. We’re working on this and will get a fix in place shortly.

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I’ve just had a new customer sign up to payments with GoCardless. I’ve just tried importing their mandate into QF but this no longer seems to be working. I can paste the mandate ID into the box but there isn’t a ‘Submit’ box or anything similar to actually save it.

Could someone take a look please and make sure I am not going crazy! :0)

Kind regards


Hi @favdes

It’s not you :slight_smile:

There is an issue preventing this at the moment. We’re working on this and will get an update out shortly.

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I have opened an account with you for my company and the import mandate does not have a submit when i add the mandate ID. The GoCardless account is integrated. Please can you help.

Hi @rentprem

I’ve merged your post with the existing thread about this. We are aware of an issue preventing the submission button from showing.

This is with our development team at the moment. We’re hoping to get the fix live in the morning, but we will update you here when this has been resolved.

@rentprem @Yahya @favdes - Apologies for this. The button should now be back and working as expected. Any problems, please let us know.

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That’s great, thank you @QFMathew

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