Help Button Missing?

Am I being a numpty or has the Help option disappeared? I just logged into QF to go to this forum and I could not find the link anywhere! It is the way I always get here and I had to search for it today! :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers for that Lurch, I have just signed up for Affinity so that explains where it went then! :person_with_blond_hair: Only question is why?!

Is there an option in Affinity to add it back?

Hi @CaptainNick

As Affinity is aimed at accountants who can white label their accounts, the help option is removed to prevent users stumbling along the non-branded side of things (like the forums, and the services provided by QuickFile).

I don’t believe there is an option to re-enable it, mainly for that reason.

Hope that helps

There’s an older topic on the subject here:

If you read through the thread I linked to and this one the answers will be in there somewhere.

Thanks chaps. Glenn has stated in the other threads from earlier in the year that they will sort it out as it isn’t necessary to make the design changes for everyone with an affinity account, only those needing a whitebox solution. So does anyone know what happened to the change request?

Still ongoing AFAIAA.

I’m afraid it hasn’t been at the top of our priorities list recently. We have had quite a few other areas we’ve needed to address first. It’s still something we would like to fix in the next few weeks.

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@CaptainNick @Lurch

Are your help buttons back now?

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Mine are.

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Yarp! :person_with_blond_hair:

Hot Fuzz… What a great movie!


I did start to type a post with a couple of pages I noticed it missing from but as I look it is quite a few of the report pages that have the help link missing.

Same goes for the pages on the all settings list, and actually quite a few other pages here and there round the site.

Are you referring to the small grey link in the top right? Not all pages have help links, so I suspect the ones you’re seeing where it’s missing would be the same if you weren’t connected to Affinity.

It’s the one referred to in the image in the OP. If it’s not meant to be there then fine, I assumed it would be on all pages but if not then that’ll teach me to assume things!

This “Help” button should be on all pages yes. As you say it is missing from some of the account settings and report pages.

I know why this is happening and I’ve passed it on to the dev.