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I run a small tutoring agency which has around 300 clients and 75 self-employed tutors. I collect payments from all clients and pay the tutors minus a small commission each week. I was using quick file as it was good to see the bank transactions come in and be tagged so I could see which client had paid. But it’s still taking me far too long.

Our lessons are booked in a Google calendar. Paragraph I would love to be able to get more features out of quick file especially As I am now being classed as a power user and have to pay the £45 plus VAT fee. I’m happy to pay the fee if I can get some support but there’s nobody who will talk to me on the phone.

If anyone has a similar set up I would love to know how I can use the software to my advantage. Maybe I can link the Google calendar to quick file so that it can automatically generate invoices and notify me when they’ve been paid? I literally spent five hours all weekend checking each session has been paid and I need to streamline this.

Any help or suggestions would be wonderfully received

Thank you

What you’re looking for is definitely possible. Check out Zapier, or you can achieve this yourself with Webhooks (developer knowledge required).

Do I just Google Zapier? Alan. Does it interpreted or add on etc? I’m not a developer sr all so something simple.

So I’m paying £60 plus VAT a year for QuickFile and all it helps me with really is allocating a bank payment to a client? Surely it should help me more?

Why no tutorials or phone support?

zapier is a “connector” between different apps, so when a new entry is added to google calendar, it could send a “zap” to QuickFile to create a new invoice. Each client can have access to a client area in Quickfile and you can utilise the Worldpay online solution which would mark the invoice as paid.

The Knowledge base is great, personally I think Quickfile is far and away the most value for money out of all the cloud accounting packages, I have 3 businesses which I run through QuickFile, previously it would cost £60 per month for me, now I pay about £100 a year! If the lack of phone support keeps the price down, I’m all for it!

Thanks Alan. That’s very helpful. I’ll have a look. It’s a shame that there is no one to help show you how this works.

Sounds like your solution could do the job for us. I just need to work out how to do that. Each tutor books their lessons in our team calender. I then enter those one a week into a spreadsheet and check in QuickFile if they were paid for. We ask everyone to pay two days in advance but people forget.

But if this saves me three hours or would be worth it. Thank you. Very much.

Hi @TheTeenageTutor

We’re here to help - don’t panic! We don’t offer telephone support (as @alan.mackintosh touches on, it’s not feasible for us to offer this at the prices we charge), but our support team are on the forum during office hours ready to help, as well as the wider community.

Although as you can see, we do occasionally check-in when we’re not working too :slight_smile:

Awesome. Thank you! So maybe next week you can help me with this?

When you need help, just post on the forum and either myself, a colleague or another forum user should be able to help with any general queries you have

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