HELP! invoices to my new CIC QF account are going to my own LTD a/c

please help me sort this out! i recently set up a Community Interest Company Community Massage London CIC and have sent suppliers/ therapists the new account details. however

the invoices, from therapists for service delivery, that have been addressed to CML emalil and seem to be addressed to CML as a client are apearing in CML email but also in my own Life in Balance email and only appear in my life in balance Quickfile account . i used to cover the costs while the CIC was waiting for the bank to open its account but not since 1st june.

is there any thing that can be done to remove the invoices from Life in Balance account?
thank you

You can try crediting the invoice or update customer details. Your description is not so clear

Hello @CML

As @FaradayKeynes suggests, you would need to delete or credit the invoices. If they’ve been created in error, then deleting them is likely to be the best option.

Regarding the link, this is done on account numbers rather than email address - we just allow the linking by email to make things easier. So if you’ve changed the email address, the link will still exist.

You can however remove the link from the individual client/supplier details pages, which would prevent any future invoices from being created.

I hope this helps!

unfortunately i am the one receiving the invoices not sending them so cannot delete them! they are sitting in my purchases!!

if the supplier changes the client details on the invoice will that then remove the invoices from my account? or do they need to delete the invoice and create a new one with the other client detials

so my account is Life in Balance and supplier has sent an invoice for the new Community interest company, to Life in Balance in error - it may be that they have not properly created a new client for the CIC I dont know, but it seems to be sending the invoices to the wrong account. if they set up the new client details in QF can they then just modify the client name in the invoice and save and would that then remove the erroneous invoice from my own QF account? and hopefully send it to the New CIC account?

thanks but see my response to support.
it is my supplier who has sent their invoice to the wrong account. I’m hoping that by checking if they have set up the Community interest company as a supplier correctly and then modifying the client in their invoice it will resolve things on my own account - i can see both accounts as i set up both my own company and the new CIC on QF as im a director on both. hope this clarifys a bit.

You can delete the invoice, but you would need to break the mapping first:

Just refresh the page, and the delete option will appear in the More Options menu.

The link is made between the supplier and the client on those two accounts - updating the details for either won’t affect what account it links too. For example, if we start a link from a supplier to a client Matt's Toy Shop London, but then rename that client to Matt's Toy Shop Birmingham, this doesn’t affect the link - it will still exist with the same accounts it was set up as.

You can break the link in the supplier section, by clicking the ‘x’ on the supplier view screen here:

It can then be set up with the correct accounts as needed.

but i also work with the same supplier in my own so if i break the link then can i re install the link after deleting the invoices? automatically or need to re invite the supplier?

also i will be meeting the supplier tomorrow and if they create a new client profile will that automatically link to my account - surely not if they set it up with the new account details and email? could they then just modify the client in the email?

You can set the link back up - yes. It would need to be done manually.

As above, any links will need to be created manually. Nothing is linked automatically. Once the link is set up, any details can be amended for the supplier or client as required and this will not affect the link.

I am now totally confused
I cant seem to reset the password for the community massage London account - when i do follow the link and reset it says successful, then if i try to log in it tells me the password is invalid

also i received an email from QF as follows
Log into your QuickFile account…
The following accounts were located for ‘teresa@********’. Please select the company you wish to access below.

TIP: Don’t forget to bookmark your login page for faster access in future!
Community Massage London Cic You are the owner
Life In Balance Ltd You are the client
My Complementary Therapy You are the client

does this mean that Community MassageLondon CIC (CML for Short) is the client of Life in Balance (LiB) and My Complementary therapy ( MCT) or thaat LiB and MCT are Clients of CML?

Im really struggling to get this account set up - i dont remember having this problem when setting up LiB Ltd as an account
first i need tobe able to log in though! help!!

Each QuickFile account has its own web address for you to access it. This is usually in the format of “”, or similar. Because of this, it’s not possible to log in directly from our home page.

On the QuickFile home page however, is an option to search for all accounts linked to your email address. Once you enter your email address we will search for these accounts and send you an email with a list (and the relevant links) of accounts where:

  • You are the owner - meaning you can log in as a team member and access the data on the account
  • You are the client - meaning you do not own this account, but it’s likely to be one of your suppliers who has entered your email address to send you invoices

Given you have 1 owner and 2 client accounts listed in the email, it does suggest that CML is a client of both Life in Balance and My Complimentary Therapy, as the same email address is listed for all 3.

thanks, but im still having trouble with logging in i tried to reset the password for Community massage londonCIC but whilst it says it was successful it is not letting me in - the trouble is perhaps that i changed the email for the account to Accounts at to help the suppliers not to get confused with my own account but have not yet managed to set accounts@ email on my computer so was asking for the password reset to access it to be sent to teresa@community massage london - now i cant get in to the account at all!! can you help please.

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