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Help. Ran year end and locked period but didn't post corporation tax journal

As per the title.

I ran the year end routine in account settings > run year end process for the year ending 31/03/2021.

However I’ve just got my corporation tax bill for the year ending 31/03/2021 but I can’t post the journal as it says this is a locked period.

My mistake obviously. I should have waited to run the year end after posting the corporation tax journal.

Is there any way round this? How do I post the year end corporation tax journal?

You need to go to settings and delete the year end lock, then delete the year end journal.

Create your journal for the Corp tax and then run the year end tool again.

As a side note, if the corp tax wasn’t included already how did you manage to file your tax return and its associated accounts without it?

Thanks for the quick reply Paul.

I can’t see an option in settings to delete the year end lock.

I can delete the year end journal.

I filed the tax return showing profit before the corporation tax deduction.

Actually googled it and can see you have to use the quick search box to find the clear year end lock option. I’ve done this and now deleted the year end journal.

All sorted. Thanks.

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