Help with bank tagging!

We recently purchased an item from a supplier which they charged us for. They then refunded part of the money as they sent us a different model of the product. I updated the purchase on our accounts to the new price.

The problem is that there’s 2 bank transactions. 1 for the original amount and one for the smaller refund amount.

If I click on refund on the smaller amount then nothing comes up.

Any ideas anyone?

Tag the original payment to the original invoice (or create an invoice as part of the tagging process), and delete the untagged refund payment from your bank account entirely.

Now go to the purchase invoice you just created and from the “more” menu create a credit note for the amount that they refunded and ensure it is dated for the day you received the refund payment. When you save the credit note it should give you the option to choose a bank account to receive the refund, and this will create a (pre-tagged) transaction on the bank account for the correct amount.

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Excellent!!! Many thanks @ian_roberts :slight_smile: