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I have just applied to HMRC for the Making Tax Digital (MDT) Scheme. I believe it is still a pilot scheme.

It is my understanding that if I am accepted by HMRC, the only change to my procedure will be submitting my VAT return through QuickFile, instead of submitting on the HMRC website. Is this correct? (Or will I need to make any other types of submissions?)

Also, Do I need to enable any settings on QuickFile (or have my QuickFile account updated to allow MDT?)

PS: Your software is superb. I have been using for several years and also recommended to others. Thank you for the excellent service

Best Regards



Hi Ben,

Yes you are correct, QuickFile will calculate and submit your VAT returns directly to HMRC.

Once HMRC give you the all clear you can then link your tax account in the top “Reports” menu under the option “HMRC”. Once linked you can generate your first VAT Return under the Reports menu then VAT Returns.

Don’t forget to set the VAT Start Date before submitting your first return. We can definitely help you with that closer to the time.

Also thank you for your kinds words, and we are grateful for the recommendations you have made.


Hi Mathew

Thanks for the quick reply.

For your information, I have been using QuickFile to calculate my tax returns for around 1 year. (And then manually entering into HMRC website).

When you state that I need to set the date for my first return, I assume that you had assumed this would be my VAT return? (Or do I need to alter a date, because it’s my first VAT return via MDT?)

Sorry for all the questions.

Best Regards



Ah OK if you’ve generated and saved the returns on QuickFile that’s absolutely fine. The only reason I mentioned to set a “Start Date” is because when you create the first VAT Return in QuickFile it brings all transactions forward from that start date (sometimes that’s not desirable).

If you’ve been saving returns in the past it’s not an issue.


Thanks Mathew . Much appreciated


Hi Matthew,

Further to our recent discussions.

HMRC have accepted my request for MDT.

I have today connected my QuickFile account to HMRC.

I have just processed and submitted my VAT return on QuickFile website. However, on clicking the submit button, it stated something along the line of “your VAT return has not been submitted to HMRC”
(Or something along those line).

I assumed that it automatically submitted to HMRC. Have I done something wrong?

Best Regards



There is a “file electronically” checkbox at the bottom of the QuickFile VAT return form, on mine it is ticked by default but double check on your account.


Hi @Benc89

It sounds like the VAT return was saved using the older VAT return setup on QuickFile.

If you roll that one back, and then go to Reports >> HMRC and submit the return through this page, this will automatically submit it to HMRC for you through MTD.

The MTD returns don’t have the checkbox like @ian_roberts mentions, but it’s likely that if HMRC have accepted you onto the scheme, they will reject any returns not submitted through MTD.

Hope that makes sense?


I’ve signed up for MTD in preparation for my next return in April and mine do still have the checkbox.


I do apologise! I stand corrected :slight_smile:

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