Help with the Bank Feed

In one or more (I am not sure) of the connected bank accounts, it is not updated from 14/04/2022 although I make daily moves. I do daily updates on the bank feed but no new account movements come.
Can you help me solve this problem?
Regards to all

Hello @lkokkalis

You should be able to refresh the feed by clicking on > Active Feed > Refresh


You can then enter a date to force it to poll from.


Failing this you would have to remove the feed and set it up again.

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Hi Steve
I do Active Feed> Refresh daily from 16/04 but no new transactions come to my account and I have to tag them to know the total amounts I have paid to my suppliers at the end of the month
Unfortunately Active Feed> Refresh does not work

As Steve said, the best option would be now to remove the feed completely and setup a new one.
This sometimes happen when banks do some work on their end.


Ok Steve I"ll try to remove feed and set it up again
If it continue I let you know
Thanks a lot for your answer!

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