Hide bank balance from specific team members

I would like a team member to do the mundane invoice creation and bank tagging without seeing the bank balance. Is this possible?


Hi @momo

Invoice creations - yes
Bank tagging - unfortunately not.

You can however hide the bank functions altogether through team member privileges. Would that be of any use? What they could do then is go into the invoice itself and log a payment against it, but it would duplicate anything already showing in the bank account. You would just need to delete the original transactions.

That would involve duplicating work and spending extra time on a task.
My main tagging use is for purchases with the untagged receipts being kept in the receipt hub and then being tagged to payments. Would they be able to record these as having been paid and is there an easy way that I could reconcile these with the bank statement without looking for duplicates and deleting them.

Can I request this to be considered as a future feature, i.e. the ability for a junior staff member to do all the bookkeeping including bank tagging without divulging the sensitive bank balance column.


If they were to tag the payments that already exist in the bank screen, the balance would be visible, and there’s no option to hide that at the moment.

How do you enter your bank transactions at the moment? Are they all done manually, or are they pulled from a feed (like Barclay’s)?

The problem is, even if you hide the bank balance, in theory they could still export the transactions to CSV and total up the money in/out columns to arrive at a bank balance.

At the moment I import bank transactions from a feed.

I appreciate they could total up the columns to arrive at a bank balance but I was just thinking of not putting sensitive information “in their face” that didn’t need extra work to find out. Seeing individual transactions coming in and going out is one thing but seeing a big balance when they don’t need to seems unnecessary.

I understand this is not possible at the moment, but may be something to consider adding as a “privacy option” in team member privileges.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

I’ve converted this to a “feature request” for now.

We’ll see if there’s wider interest here and then perhaps look at some potential solutions later.

I think this would be a useful feature.

I’m keen also to allow access to say project reports but not too other financial reports.

Hi Glenn - I would really like to see this feature also - so I can get my admin staff to deal with the mundane bank tagging each month. This is especially as I do not want my staff member to form opinions on how much his compensation should be, based on our Bank Balances!

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