Hide business name?

Still a new user but, as per my first query, I have searched these forums for an answer but could not find one – so here I am again.

In short, is it possible to hide one’s business name from the login page? To be honest, I’m not sure why this information is displayed, as it should be private, and thus not visible until logged in. But it is, and I’d like it not to be.

So, is there a setting somewhere to disable its display?

If you are a power user then you could perhaps use some css.
But to be honest, the login page is specially for you, your team member or your clients. If you don’t give your login-url to anybody no-one will reach this page

I had a look and if you are a power user, go to your company settings, design settings and Advanced css and click on Login Page.
Enter that code below, it should do the job

.accNameHeader {

 display: none;


If you don’t give your login-url to anybody no-one will reach this page

I appreciate the reply but… that’s just not true. One of my concerns is that I discovered simply by typing https://PrettyMuchAnyName.quickfile.co.uk I could see all sorts of business names. Of course, such information isn’t likely to compromise security but it certainly compromises privacy (albeit if only a little). In effect, by trial and error I can find out what accounting software certain businesses are using – and that should not be possible.

Ah, right. Okay, then I guess that might be a solution. However, while I’m happy to pay for QuickFile as a service, I’m not sure basic privacy should be a premium-only feature.

Then don’t use your business name as part of the login url (you can also change that in your business settings). In my eyes it is more creating trustworthy, because your customer/clients trust a branded page more than a plain page. But that are just my thoughts.

Hi @Scooder

As @rhc mentioned, the web address is unique to your company, so someone would have to know your web address to see the login page.

This isn’t an uncommon approach for cloud-based software. These login pages themselves are rate limited for added security.

If you don’t wish to see your business name on the login page, you may wish to use a trading name, or if you have a Power User Subscription, you can use the code snippet that @rhc posted above.

Hope this helps!

That’s not the point. One’s business name need not part of the login URL. I’m not going to give specific examples but clearly many people have used their first or last names (or both) when setting up QuickFile. So, any Tom, Dick or Harriet can visit https://RandomPersonName.quickfile.co.uk and see the business name. Try it. That in itself is a privacy lapse, because that information might not otherwise be public.

Sure, thanks. I’m not ranting. It’s not a major problem for me. I just consider it a basic lack of privacy that should not exist, and I am surprised. The URL is not private, obviously, but simply visiting the URL displays information that should be private until the user is logged in.

Then don’t use your name, where is the problem. Why do you think so much about other people and what other people do? It is what you do, and if you don’t want to see any private details about you on the login page, then don’t use it.
I think it is not a privacy issue because the people know it and most of them want it this way. And if you don’t want it you can do something against it.

I did not say I used my name. I said people clearly do so. And, because one is not aware when setting up an account that QuickFile will display the business name before login (and that that information cannot be hidden), that presents a small privacy lapse that I believe should not exist by default.

Nor did I say I think so much about other people or what other people do. I’m merely flagging the fact that other people can do this, and might. As I said, I’m not going to cite examples but it is possible to type in RandomName.quickfile.co.uk URLs and see personal and/or business names. I did, just as an experiment. I now know the business names or full personal names of people that use QuickFile. Perhaps they would rather I did not? That information should by default be private: this really is a basic privacy pillar.

Anyway, I’m not here to have an argument. I have stated the problem, asked for a solution and have been offered one. That solution will work, I imagine, but for the reasons explained I believe that this information should by default be private. It should not require any post-setup tweaking, premium or otherwise: this information should not be available prior to login.

I wish you all a good day.

Update: Note that I edited this because I realised that the example URL I typed this time, entirely at random and off the top of my head, is a real one – and revealed a real business name. That, sadly, proves my point.

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