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Hide Estimate/Quote Tab in Client Area

How do I hide the Quotes/Estimate Tab in Client Area?
Can this be done specifically per client or global.
Can I hide from Client area specific Quotes/Estimates?

We deal with large companies who have Accounts / Sales / Purchases departments and each department does not want to see certain information.

We also need to remove old converted Quotes when our pricing or other situations change and don’t want our customers quoting back to us what was charge last time.

We also noted that our client areas can see other peoples accounts if we have used a “testemail” on each account, does this mean the client accounts are linked if the email addresses are the same?


Hi @ChrisatIIOnline,

You can edit this out using CSS but this would be across the board and not on a per client basis

Is this my only option?
Can I hide specific Quotes/estimates?

Hi @ChrisatIIOnline

Yes this would be your only option. Unfortunately you cannot hide specific quotes or estimates unless you physically delete them

I noticed Quotes/Estimates don’t appear when in DRAFT, so if I converted a CONVERTED back to DRAFT it would no long be visible, however does this have any accounting impact, ie does it mess with invoicing or norminal ledgers etc?

Hi @ChrisatIIOnline

This is correct Quotes/Estimates don’t appear when in “DRAFT”. If you convert back to draft this only effects the estimate not any invoices linked to it.

So I’m I right that I can use this method to selectively display certain Quotes/estimates in a client area without accounting impact?

Hi @ChrisatIIOnline,

Yes, if you change the estimates back to drafts if you don’t want them to be seen by the clients then that will work

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