Highlighting Table Rows on Hover

Hi Glenn,
Often when I’m paying supplier invoices I would really appreciate the table row to highlight as I hover.
The checkbox highlights the entire row, so I have to use that and hope I hit the correct one, otherwise I have to uncheck and try again.
The reason it’s an issue (ok… not the end of the world-type issue!) is because the amounts are on the far right of the screen, and the checkboxes on the far left of the screen.

With a little bit of JS we could have the row highlight on hover, and by using JS the processing load is on the browser and not the server…

What do you think… it is a worthy feature for the ‘future planning’ list?

Yes, as some screens stretch quite a distance horizontally it would be beneficial to have some row hover identification.

We’re working on a number of different UI tweaks at the moment so I shall see if we can get that added. Regarding the other post, leave this me I will try to get back to you later today.


Just a quick update here, this has been implemented. Most areas now include a row hover feature so you can easily focus in on specific columns.

Thanks Glenn, this makes viewing the tables infinitely better!

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