Historic purchase record misposted "Move Purchase receipt to another Supplier"

There is already a facility to “Merge Supplier” accounts which is useful when a duplicated supplier record has been created (also very useful when the “supplier” is renamed)…this works for transfer of ALL records.

However, when there is an individual misposted purchase receipt to an incorrect supplier account there is no way to amend that record to the appropriate supplier account as the historic accounts are locked after VAT submission/Year End processing.

The usual way of fixing such a misposting is “Modify” the purchase receipt but once a record is “locked” this facility has gone.

At the moment I have “marked” within the nominal ledger posting that this purchase should be under a different supplier.

I would like to be able to re-allocate the specific record to the newly identified supplier but as this is an historic record that is locked that is quite difficult (not impossible with VAT ROLLBACK/Year End undoing).

Historic purchase record mispostings to the wrong suppliers is probably not an area that you wish to open as a feature as a “Move Purchase receipt to another Supplier” may cause audit contradictions…but I put forward the feature request for your consideration.